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Kiss the rail objective? : AltosOdysseyKiss the rail objective? Close. 3. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived. ... Land on the last part of a rail and ski off of it without jumping or crashing, just skiing off the end of the rail. It’s a very short space so you basically have to just nick the last part of the rail. level 2.

How to "kiss the rail"? : AltosOdysseyHow to "kiss the rail"? Anyone know exactly how to do this and where is a good spot to try it? I find myself jumping onto grinds right at the beginning of long lines and rarely see spots where I could just hop on the end, unless I am not understanding the task correctly. Top responsesYou can do kiss the rail as part of a normal grind, just jump towards the end of a grind and try to land the last bit.Check YouTube for videos.5 votesi’ve found it to be about 90% luck coming off a big jump. the best way to try and get it intentionally i’ve found is to use the wing suit and try and get off the … read more4 votesThe best way is just to try and jump at the end of a long grind to land at the end and get a kiss the rail. It'll take a few tries to get the timing down but it won't … read more3 votesJump at the last part of the grind and if you see you're not gonna land on the last bit simply toggle wingsuit and try to get on that. Jumping when you're on … read more2 votes查看全部

Backflip to rail kiss? : AltosOdysseyThe Rail Kiss is like no distance on the rail. You're barely touching the tip of the end of the rail to get that trick. If you go any distance that you can really see on the rail, you'll probably miss it--at least have that in mind, or picture how little of a space that would be--when attempting it …

Alto’s Odyssey Level 25: Kiss the Rail - YouTube作者: Mattman824

Alto's Odyssey Tips and Tricks: Escape Lemurs, Ride …Alto's Odyssey qualifies "the ground" as the sand slopes themselves: Other objects just count toward your trick score. You can use these objects — which include hot air balloons, water ponds, tornadoes, rocks, ramps, vine grinds, rope grinds, ship grinds, ruin grinds, and rock walls — to help chain tricks and up your trick score.

Alto's Odyssey: Level 25 Kiss the rail Grind the last …作者: Action DPlay

Alto's Adventure: Kiss the Rail - iOS iPhone 5 …作者: App Unwrapper

Alto's Adventure - Backflip to rail kiss - Level 48 - …作者: Android Gameplay

Alto's Adventure - Kiss the rail - YouTube作者: NikGames

Alto's Adventure: Tips, tricks, and pointers to get you ...Alto's Adventure is an addictive, delightful endless runner for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, with a sequel Alto's Odyssey on the way. This weekend, take a few hours to master the original ... How to kiss the rail.

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rail kiss alto odyssey

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